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Vijay Balasubramanian

Steve Giddings

works in the UCSB Physics Department. His interests range over various aspects of quantum gravity, particularly those driving at foundations, such as the black hole unitarity crisis, and quantum/inflationary cosmology, and he has worked on string theory and the AdS/CFT correspondence. He is also actively interested in high-energy physics at the TeV scale.

Tom Hartman,

a postdoc at the IAS, is interested in higher spin holography, Kerr/CFT, AdS3/CFT2 and attempts to understand pure 3d gravity, BTZ black holes, the dS/CFT correspondence and cosmological entropy, and attempts to understand the emergence of geometry from the renormalization group.

Jorma Louko

is a member of the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Nottingham. His interests include acceleration effects in quantum field theory, especially as probed by model particles detectors, with applications to quantum information.

Alex Maloney

is visiting from McGill University. His interests include approaches to quantum gravity based on AdS/CFT and string theory, with emphasis on problems in black hole physics and quantum cosmology. Much of his most recent work has focused on three-dimensional quantum gravity, where certain questions -- such as the nature of the AdS_3/CFT_2 correspondence, the path integral of quantum general relativity, and the computation of the wave function of the universe -- can be addressed precisely.

Don Marolf

is a member of the Department of Physics at UCSB whose interests include the role of the gravitational constraints in black hole evaporation and holography and the construction of quasi-local observables in quantum gravity.

Joan Simón

is a member of the Mathematical Physics group at the University of Edinburgh. His research interests cover : Black Hole physics, including the information paradox, the breakdown of effective local field theory and semiclassical spacetime descriptions, Holographic Principle and Complementarity in general spacetimes with horizons.

Aron Wall

is a postdoc at the Department of Physics here at UCSB. He's interested in proofs and implications of the Generalized Second Law, the renormalization of the Wald entropy, horizon fluctuations, and discrete models of spacetime.