Transcribed from recording with varying degrees of accuracy. Please take responsibility for editing your own entry as often as desired.

Don Marolf: Shock waves inside black holes; The role of gravitational constraints in holography.
Joan Simon: Does dS have a dual description?
Ted Jacobson: Why I think I changed my mind about the black hole info question; renormalization and black hole entropy
Alex Maloney: Why is GR dual to the Ising model? How to compute the wavefunction of the universe
David Gross: anything
Steve Giddings: unitary black hole evolution
Joe Polchinski: Schrodinger's cat behind the horizon. Scale invariant quantum field theories without conformal invariance. Information-free horizons (from S. Mathur). Why I am confused about black hole complementarity.
Gary Smaby: Why I am not a physicist
Ramy Brustein: What is the wavefunction of the black hole
Gary Horowitz: How is general relativity like a high temperature superconductor
Steve Shenker: Duals of eternal inflation, vector-like holography
Veronika Hubeny: Recovering spacetime from the gauge theory
Aron Wall: Why only gauge fields can antiscreen gauge fields (when minimally coupled).
Samir Mathur: What the black hole info paradox can teach us about the early universe
Jerome Gauntlett: Spatially modulated black holes
Tom Hartman: Higher spin gravity, holography, and what it's good for
Wei Song: Kerr CFT, microscopic understanding
Niels Obers: Fluid and material properties of black branes, blackfold approach to black holes
Alejandra Castro: Why you should care about the inner horizon of a black hole
Dionysios Anninos: Tree like structures, glassy physics, why I don't understand the meaning of dS entropy, love & life
Tomas Andrade: unitarity bounds and holography
Rafael Porto: high energy scattering between planets or matter particles
Curtis Asplund: Black hole formation in string theories
George Musser: History of physics, beginning with Democritus...How we can explain this all to the public
Alejandro Satz: Connections between the exact renormalization group and black hole entropy
Peter Koroteev: Localization and Instanton Calculation
???: How much info about spacetime contained in a given region of a field theory, or the info paradox
Paul de Lange: Black hole entropy at finite charges, logarithmic corrections
Bram Wouters: Erik Verlinde's ideas about emergent gravity
Ahmed Almheiri: 2d black holes and their evaporation
James Sully: Bulk locality
Jorge Santos: flowing funnels, black droplets, holographic lattices,
Rob Myers: Holographic entanglement entropy, c-theorem, a-theorem...
Mark Srednicki: Why thermalization requires quantum chaos
Will Kelly: Asymptotic Symmetry groups of dS
Mukund Rangamani: How much information about spacetime is contained in a given region of the field theory; hydrodynamics.
Nemanja Kaloper: Cosmological model building
Simon Ross: Holography for Lifshitz spacetimes
Fay Dowker: How to count the entropy of any causal horizon (black hole, Rindler, deSitter etc.)
Gilad Lifschytz: How does bulk locality emerge from AdS/CFT
Shlomo Razamat: How to do (some) computations when you don't have a Lagrangian?
Jorma Louko: How often does an Unruh-DeWitt detector click?
St├ęphane Detournay: Why the product of the inner and outer horizon areas of a BH is not always an integer. Is the CFT in Kerr/CFT really a CFT?
Xi Dong: What are the fundamental degrees of freedom in de Sitter or FRW space?
Eva Silverstein: How to uplift AdS/CFT to cosmological backgrounds and maintain unitarity. How spacetime dependent couplings can lead to relevant terms beating mass terms, preserving long range correlators despite the mass. How holographic RG extends to dS holography.
David Kastor: Lovelock gravity
Arjun Bagchi: What have non-relativistic symmetries got to do about flat space holography? Flatspace holography as a limit of AdS/CFT?
Dave Morrison: D7-branes (aka F-theory)